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Bye2 UiTM...

2moro i will taking a bus to my home town.. my bus at 9Am and the destination is shah Alam.. suka tak?

Our Life Style, who Decide Us or Others??

Some people has their own inspiration and their own style to do something but some how others couldn't agree with you.. that why people comment N critic each others with a hope that the other side to improve or change. that why different people has different point of view, so that make other see different than we expected. but in a same time, when US doing the rite thing do we need to change??

Moreover when we decided to joy Our life or doing something in a GOOD REASON, but others that see its in a different angle will think it badly.. So to Satisfy them(others people life/heart/feeling) we change. YES we change for them. WHY??

As for me i feel that if i in a rite path, i wont change.. Because i decide for my life and i will fight for my right&life. its not a simple decision for us to make just like to odder your lunch at mamak store. we spend a lot of time to choose by using the BRAIN that ALLAH Provide us. But sometime people just simply say/critic/comment it hardly. DO THEIR THINK ABOUT OUR FEELING BEFORE SAID SOMETHING???

So when im doing the rite thing in my own style, please respect my decision. N when you all cant accept my style,My advise please sit down N think POSITIVE.. leave ur anger n think slowly out of the box N learn to accept other style/opinion/way........ suka tak?

My Mom..

Yesterday, My sis Pm me on YM.. she said that our mom sick.. N already get in the hospital twice on last Weekend N yesterday... But on da same time This FUCKING Phone LiNE cant make any phone call... But this Eve after break fast, the Phone line back to normal.. so as fast as i could make a phone call N talk to my mom.. after that i was so glad everything was fine.. phewww.... I NEVER said this out loud mom but i realy mean it "I LOVE YOU MOM"

suka tak?

Cos Work Julai 08

Lot People say that this Diploma iN Information Studies is easy.. but why dont you see my cos work for this sem...

  • Imd 201
  1. define 40 term. each term must have 3 source
  2. 5 bibiliografic utility
  • Imd 202
  1. Create 1 product N how to promote them +prezentation
  2. Do an interview to information center regarding to their promotion method+Prezentation
  • Imd 203
  1. search for info about BLOG N do some trasnlater
  2. do 1 multimedia przentation
  3. Must has compulsory trip to any computer agency/ company
  • Imd 255
  1. Do some view about technical devision on 5 difrent information agency
  2. do an interview in information center regarding to thier technical devision+prezentation
  3. Must has compulsory trip to any information agency

all this during the first week until week 10.. do u all still say us a "cos lelong" ?? and i think our cos has alot job opportunity then others. so do i need to explain more?? its up to u all...

suka tak?


Do u all ever couple??... as for me 7 time.... with:-

1. Myedzatul

2. Ainy

*No Pic Display

3. Eyra

4. Tasya

*No Pic Display

5. Farah

6. TyNa 7.Zuliana *P/s: this picture has been edit Bcoz I da malas nak Gado2 ngan tuan die.. (mengalah bukan bermaksud kalah)

its all MeaningLESS but some how its teach me some about life and love. We fell A lot of hapiness when we in a relation but do we realize that the more time we spend together are during Argument to each other... we argue to make the relation better... but in that same way its lead us to sumting that what we call "BROKE UP"

If u guys want to know.. all of my EX Girlfriend they ask to Broke up.. not me.. yupp all 7 then of them... N until now i do not understand why... i give what they want... i ask for 4givness in every singel argument that we had... a brought them hang out.. i give them a prezent... WHAT I DID WRONG GURLS???

suka tak?


asalamualaykum.. dengan lafaz bismillahhirahmanirrahim sy rasmikan blog ini dgn penuh bangga nyer... KUI3.... hope korang terhibur... by3 suka tak?