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Now selling!!!

Im Running my business again and 4 now this all below u can buy from me..

Pendrive kingston

external hardisk
250gb=rm 215


that all.. so if u guy's interested just leave me a message at the chat box, thks!! suka tak?

im glad...

Hmm.. this sem break i had "demam campak"... huhu,, most of my fren said that i get it late coz mostly people get during age 7-13... but me on my19..haha.. its grow every inch on my body, include inside ear, finger, leg, until i look my self like a zombie.. during da same time when i go checkup at gov clinic, they told that i been suspek having denggi.. argh!! 2 day in hospital... adohai.... by da way now geeting well, but still having a lot off scar.. and the bad thing is when im geting well my yug sister(shikin) get the same virus from me.. huhuhu... im sooorryy... its not my fault... and the good thing i learn sumthing about how to prevent it.. take "daun bamboo" put insinde/below ur "cadar" then sleep on it.. and take some and hag it infront ur door house... huhuhuh.... ok, my house dont have an internet connection so i need to go CC to on9.,, in that case i will not on9 daily.. that all for now.. until i post again.. take care.. bubbyeee...... suka tak?

Chiken Pox..

bla bla.. unwell.. i will re post after i get better.. hope i will get well soon... suka tak?