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ade? ade aku kesah??

What Will happen after this, This word will describe what happen ""what the fucking u care?? why must i listen to your word?? its my life or yours??"" welcome to melayu world... change becoz scare people will talk about u... so WHAT? why i/u need to scare?? 4 sure what will i/u do, people WILL talk about it.. but THINK OUT OF THE BOX how long can they keep talk about i/u? 3 to 4 day's n then they will find another topic to talk to... so? what i wanna say its get hell of them, just do what i/u want.. and your ife will be HAPPLY EVER AFTER..... suka tak?

Mandi Sungai, Air Terjun Bekok..

Diorang Ajak..
Layankn Aje,
Main Terjun2,
main selam2,

(Me yang tgh terjun tue)


suka tak?

Thanks MBSA

Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam

forging activity 2 to 3 time in a week at my hosue sek 25 a.k.a. Taman Sri Muda .. (haha dapat aku tydo tanpa nyamuk!! suka tak?

Asma Ul Husna

My Latest project,,
i wanna grow N improve more so u guy's pliz commnet!! plizz......
suka tak?

Care N Kisah.. Sejak Bila??

i'm not an artist, but then since when did this some people care about me.. They start talk about me.. what im doing, what happen to me, WHO with me...

Hrum... its sound's wired and silly, why did They wanna know about me.. im happy with what im doing rite now.. coz i do what i want, hate what i dont want...

but anyway thanks for them that wanna know about me, story about me, talk about me.. OH GOD! im being popular... Wow!! -haha =p

so in this case all of u that been bz talk about me you can include this below in your story or in
azam word"sesi menganyam ketupat {a.k.a.} mengumpat"

This Is a Part of Me
when I "Say"

its ok = Its Never Been Okay actualy
Fine = Amek la Dah Ko Nak Sgt!!
Hrum.. = im sad
Mmm.. = im wondering sumting
Bz? = I hate waiting
baik la = Im follwing it
xde selera = its not about hungry,
suram =sumting is not rite
when i hurting u=i dont realy mean it Coz' i just wanna play/bergurau
nnt kte sambg = i still wanna keep talk with u but i not enogh hand rite now
jap =im doing sumting but faster then ordinary coz dont want u to wait to long
sunyi =need sum1 to talk with
Stop! = i really mean it

suka tak?

PasaR Malam or Pasar Petg??

as always.. in every tuesday eve... when i go to pasar.. "Eh! lan.. blanje.." Mmm... "lan ble nak blanje" hrum... " lan da kluar duit nak blanje aku la tue.."" mmmm... this all u can hear at uitm segamat pasar mlm.. oh u guy's... its a same word seen i was PART1,, so why dont after this when i see u all i will say ""hey!! jom aku blanje??"" how that?? ok x?? =) suka tak?

Sepetang bersama kamu....

hold me but u far from me...
get me but u not even see me...
help me but u not asking for me..

suka tak?

am i sick??

Hrummm... around this week hav around 10 person that when see me they will say,, "" lan ko chat x?? muka ko pucat la.."" ""eh,, dota asal muka ko pucat?? """ """asal muka ko laen ek arini??"" """ dota ko nampak laen ar.""

i wonder that am i sick?? but then i feel i am fine as always... didt sumthing wrong with me?? mm.. can u all see sumting wrong with me on this 2 pic.. pliz commnet... i need to konw.... ='(

pic on last sunday

pic on last Wednesday
suka tak?

Hangat2 T++i Manusia,, oh come on guy's!!!

as far that i concern, we all do "demonstration" we all "do solat Hajat" we also do "patisyen" and many other event in a different way from their society, but its only stand from 2 to 3 week from issued start to be bigger.. but now.. i dont see any of it been continued any longger..

so this is wat i can do,, we as a muslim please dont buy any of this product... if you do, congratulation you and this Yahu** is in the same way to destroy islam... just think some percent of profits from this product will give to the yahu** for them using to buy ammo, riffle, boom, and my more,... so don't umind if he

Mengikut maklumat produk-produk ini adalah milik/penyokong Yahudi

Jika anda ada sebarang maklumat atau pertanyaan sila hubungi PPIM di Hotline:019-3591000

Jgn cakap Byk boikot sudah!! nak kongsi dosa ke tolong yahudi??

dah la nak derma pun payah, nie jela cara mudah aku kasi kan....

reference:- suka tak?